Video #3: Klavarskribo game with MIDI keyboard

My MIDI-to-USB adapter arrived via UPS today, so I hooked it up to the Roland RD-600 that I’m borrowing from my wonderful neighbors. I’m pleased to see that it works right out of the box and I only needed to make one small modification to my code to make (what’s implemented of) the video game to work. (Whereas previously it was only expecting MIDI note off events to appear as “note on” with volume 0, now it will handle explicit “note off” events as well.)

(Please forgive the low recording quality. I was using one hand to hold the camera and one hand to play the keyboard.) As you can see, there’s a fairly significant delay between the sound (which is pretty immediate) of me striking a key and the visual (green or red) note response that appears on the screen. This is something I have to work on before the game will be close to release-worthy.

Now that I have a functioning MIDI keyboard, I’m really motivated to get some real music in there (instead of these hard-coded notes that rise up the screen).

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