PianoNinja Video #4: Scrolling notes from MIDI file!

Tonight I got some scrolling notes to appear on the screen in response to MIDI events being played back from a MIDI file. Observe:

There are a number of deficiencies still:

  • no bar lines (that aren’t irrelevant and hard-coded still)
  • no note durations (also hard-coded)
  • no right-hand/left-hand distinction (all hard-coded to the right)
  • stems are too short in some cases, erroneously breaking the chord up
  • no beams for grouping related notes in a line

Despite these deficiencies, I’m really stoked. I’m starting to get a sense of what it will be like to use this game and to practice sight-reading with it (using Klavarskribo notation, of course). My vision is starting to be realized!

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